Non-behavioral extension detector

This web application attempts to detect which browser extensions you have installed.

Similar extension detectors traditionally use a indirect behavioral technique, attempting to detect an extension by observing its behavior. For instance, AdBlock can be detected by injecting a fake advertisement and then detecting whether it was removed from the webpage.

This detector relies on a non-behavioral technique to directly reveal the existance of browser extensions, by querying browser extensions' web accessible resources. For instance, the AdBlock extension in Chrome has a web accessible resource at chrome-extension://gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom/icons/icon24.png, which this detector probes for. If this web accessible resource is present, the extension is installed.

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This webpage will probe for several thousands of web accessible resources in your browser. If you press the "Accept" button to the right, you give us permission to do this.

The results of this scan will not be shared with anyone, we do not store any of the results.

Because web extensions are updated frequently, their set of exposed web accessible resources may change over time. To keep up with these changes, we update this webpage regularly. If your extension is not detected, it may simply be because this webpage has not caught up with the latest version of the extension. Please try again later.

Press the "Accept" button on the right to start the scan.

Scan thoroughness

By default, we only check for a single web accessible resource per extension to detect the extension. In case one of your extensions is not detected, you may want to check more web accessible resources by increasing this value from 1 to 5 web accessible resources or even "unlimited", indicating you want to test for all files.

Beware that checking for the presence of more web accessible resources, takes more time.

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